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Michael Peterson Retrospective – MP 1977 Stubbies 1st Man vs Man Pro Surfing

Photo Alby Falzon FROM MATT WARSHAW’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SURFING (click and watch epic MP video montage) PETERSON, MICHAEL — Pyrotechnic Australian regular-footer from Queensland’s Gold Coast; winner of the Australian National Titles in 1972 and 1974; regarded by many as the world’s most advanced high-performance surfer during he mid-70’s. Peterson was born in 1953 and […]


By Valerie J. Nelson, Published: March 27 Los Angeles Times Larry Stevenson, a California lifeguard who helped popularize skateboarding in the early 1960s by marketing his Makaha boards to riders eager to essentially surf on land, died March 25 at a medical facility in Santa Monica, Calif. He was 81. Mr. Stevenson had Parkinson’s disease, […]

LOST and FOUND Video with Larry Bertlemann

“I just got off the phone with Larry Bertlemann who said his Mom was so thankful for the photos I sent him. After we hung up my phone rang again and it was Larry telling me about the photo saying that the board was big and how hard it was to crank this backside bottom […]

My Art, My Life, John Van Hamersveld

John Van Hamersveld’s highly recognizable and sometimes psychedelic art fame began with the renowned color-saturated sunset and surfer Endless Summer poster for the 1966 movie. Inspired by a sunset photo of a beach in Orange County, it was destined to become an internationally recognized icon of Southern California’s surfing scene. His works include famous album […]

An Evening with Photographer Aaron Chang at CSM Oceanside

As part of our ongoing educational programming, the California Surf Museum is proud to present: An Evening with Photographer Aaron Chang Saturday, March 31, 2012 from 6 to 8pm at the California Surf Museum   312 Pier View Way, Oceanside Photo: Aaron Chang                                                        Surfer: Doug Brown at Pipeline circa 1978 An internationally acclaimed photographer and one […]

PT Ian Bronzed Aussies

Forward Thinking Bronzed Aussies: Ahead of Their Time

Photo: The Lost and Found Collection Talented highly elitist surfing troupe led by 1976 world champion Peter Townend and 1976 runner-up Ian Cairns; ostensibly created to further the cause of professional surfing and thus improve the lot of surfers everywhere, but essentially a promotional vehicle for the Bronzed Aussies themselves, who are best remembered for […]

Finless and Fancy Free: AUGA by BING

by Jay Vincent Ray     Has anyone ever seen this type of rare surfboard?   Do you know anything about it or have any stories?!   It is an “AUGA BOARD” made at Bing Surfboards in Hermosa Beach California USA during the late 60’s. Tom Warren and Steve Barger and Craig Forrest (RIP) (The […]

XF500 is a modern-day exploration of Florida’s coastline, waterways, and marine ecosystem.

A yearlong journey in support of ocean advocacy. Join us. Description Quiksilver Waterman, Mother Ocean, and Tahoe SUP recently partnered to launch a yearlong project in 2013 called Expedition Florida 500 (XF500). XF500 is a modern-day exploration of Florida’s coastline, waterways, and marine ecosystem as seen through the eyes of the waterman. General Information 2013 […]

Determining Pre-WWII Blake Style Paddleboards

Tom Blake’s 1930s hollow chambered models (perfected in 1931 and manufactured by Rogers beginning in 1932) were no longer cigar shaped, but rather a “lighter, point-tailed model, built up of hollow compartments,” documented Finney and Houston. “Because of its ease in paddling and in catching waves, it became a favorite in Hawaii and California,” especially […]