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Michael Peterson Retrospective – MP 1977 Stubbies 1st Man vs Man Pro Surfing

Photo Alby Falzon FROM MATT WARSHAW’S ENCYCLOPEDIA OF SURFING (click and watch epic MP video montage) PETERSON, MICHAEL — Pyrotechnic Australian regular-footer from Queensland’s Gold Coast; winner of the Australian National Titles in 1972 and 1974; regarded by many as the world’s most advanced high-performance surfer during he mid-70’s. Peterson was born in 1953 and […]

PT Ian Bronzed Aussies

Forward Thinking Bronzed Aussies: Ahead of Their Time

Photo: The Lost and Found Collection Talented highly elitist surfing troupe led by 1976 world champion Peter Townend and 1976 runner-up Ian Cairns; ostensibly created to further the cause of professional surfing and thus improve the lot of surfers everywhere, but essentially a promotional vehicle for the Bronzed Aussies themselves, who are best remembered for […]