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Michael Peterson Tribute Memorial Paddle Out @Kirra – April 14th

From The Australian SOME of Australia’s top surfers will pay tribute to Michael Peterson on Saturday, April 14, when they join a a traditional “paddle out” to farewell the King of Kirra. World champions Rabbit Bartholomew and Mick Fanning, along with Peterson’s younger brother Tommy, will address the crowd before surfers paddle out off Kirra […]

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Forward Thinking Bronzed Aussies: Ahead of Their Time

Photo: The Lost and Found Collection Talented highly elitist surfing troupe led by 1976 world champion Peter Townend and 1976 runner-up Ian Cairns; ostensibly created to further the cause of professional surfing and thus improve the lot of surfers everywhere, but essentially a promotional vehicle for the Bronzed Aussies themselves, who are best remembered for […]